Kian Tejarat Azhirak: A Shining Example of Commitment to Quality and After-Sales Services

Kian Tejarat Azhirak: A Shining Example of Commitment to Quality and After-Sales Services

Golden Plaque for Social Responsibility

Kian Tejarat Azhirak, with its reputable digital service warranty, has achieved another significant milestone by receiving the Golden Plaque of Social Responsibility in commitment to quality assurance (warranty) and after-sales services. This prestigious award was presented at the HWS committed brands to warranty and services summit, held on June 26, 2024, at the International Conference Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Kian Tejarat Azhirak earned this honor through its relentless efforts and high aspirations.

The Golden Plaque underscores the company’s continuous dedication and unparalleled commitment to achieving customer-centric goals and fostering a sense of trust among its customers. The plaque reads: “Your relentless efforts and high aspirations towards achieving customer-centric goals and creating a sense of trust with the most deserving people is a great honor. Truly, the glory belongs to those who have sincerely seized opportunities to provide God-pleasing services to the people.”


Receipt of the Golden Plaque for Social Responsibility by Kian Tejarat Azhirak

Mr. Rashvand, Senior Advisor of Kian Tejarat Azhirak, received the Golden Plaque and the statue of social responsibility in commitment to quality assurance (warranty) and after-sales services on behalf of Mr. Amir Ali Pour.


Kian Tejarat Azhirak: A Leader in Superior After-Sales Services

In today’s dynamic world, gaining customer trust and delivering high-quality after-sales services are fundamental principles for success in any industry. With over 22 years of distinguished experience in importing IT products, Kian Tejarat Azhirak has not only become one of the largest and most reputable companies in this field but also excels in warranty and after-sales services through its brand, Digital Service Azhirak.


Commitment to Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and commitment to customer needs are core elements of Kian Tejarat Azhirak’s operations. The company, through dedicated approaches and strategic planning, consistently upholds the rights of its customers. Kian Tejarat Azhirak is committed to providing high-quality products and superior after-sales services under the Digital Service Azhirak name, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.


Award of the Golden Plaque for Social Responsibility in Quality Assurance (Warranty) and After-Sales Services to Kian Tejarat Azhirak


Leading the Field in After-Sales Services

Digital Service Azhirak leverages its expertise and experience to deliver satisfactory after-sales services to its customers. Kian Tejarat Azhirak, with a unique approach, continuously strives to meet customer needs in the best possible way. By employing experienced and skilled personnel, continuously improving processes, and utilizing the latest technologies, the company has raised its service standards to the highest levels.


Pride and Prestige

Receiving the Golden Plaque of Social Responsibility signifies Kian Tejarat Azhirak’s commitment to quality services and customer satisfaction. The company, adhering to professional ethics and transparent approaches, has always aimed to improve its operational methods and provide superior services to its customers, positioning itself as a leader in the IT industry and after-sales services in the country. At Kian Tejarat Azhirak, customers are always the priority, and the company puts all its efforts into delivering superior services and meeting customer needs. This continuous commitment and effort have made Kian Tejarat Azhirak a reputable and trusted brand in the IT sector.


Paving the Way for a Bright Future

Looking to the future, Kian Tejarat Azhirak has extensive plans to develop its services and products further. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of its specialized team, the company aims to continue leading the competitive landscape with innovative services and greater efficiency. It is hoped that Kian Tejarat Azhirak and Digital Service Azhirak will continue to promote social responsibility and provide superior services under the grace of the Almighty, remaining pioneers in after-sales services as they have been in the past.

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