Digital Warranty

The after-sales service center of Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company provides services to our dear compatriots under the title of “Digital Warranty”. With more than 2 years of expert and scientific experience, this center is one of the largest computer and mobile phone service centers in Iran.

Digital Warranty Service Center, with its experienced staff, has numerous agencies and extensive activities throughout Iran.

Now this service center is one of the largest centers which provides support for all kinds of main computer parts, including:

The digital warranty service unit consists of experienced and expert engineers who, using the most advanced hardware equipment, provide optimal after-sales service along with a variety of standards to our valued customers.

Gaining the satisfaction and trust of the community and customers is a very big mission and commitment in order to achieve success and progress. During the many years of activity of the after-sales service center of Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company, we have tried to move towards achieving these goals by providing decent and appropriate services to our dear customers. Online Store

The convenience and benefits of online shopping, as well as public access to the Internet service, led us to design an online store to sell our products.

Inspired by the name of its after-sales service center, “Digital Guarantee”, Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company named its online store “Digital Shop”. products offered in Digital Shop are covered by digital warranty after-sales service.

At Digital Shop, we have gathered a unique variety of products based on the needs and tastes of our customers. Kian Tejarat Azhirak Group has always tried to include the best and highest quality products in its online sales basket. This requires a deep knowledge of the user community and their needs, as well as having an expert trading team to import the best products.


In the online store of Digital Shop, there are all kinds of products available in various categories, which we will mention below:

Providing Services Nationwide

We at Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company are proud to serve our dear compatriots all over the country. We strive to provide decent services to our valued customers.

Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company, with its numerous sales representatives throughout the country, is ready to serve customers, partners, organizations and organizations.

In the field of after-sales service, we are at the service of our dear customers with the Digital Warranty Service Center. The center uses experienced engineers and advanced equipment to provide services efficiently.

Also in the field of online sales of products, Kian Tejarat Azhirak Group provides services to dear customers through the Digital Shop website.

Among the prominent services of Kian Tejarat Azhirak Group is sending products and services throughout the country. We have always tried to meet the needs of our valued customers in installments across the country, and in this regard, we have used a variety of equipment and tools suitable for logistics.

Expert Advice and Supoort

Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company consists of different departments. The effort and goal of the all departments is to improve the quality of service to esteemed customers.

The technical and IT services department of the complex plays a key role in providing consulting and support services. This department tries to advise and inform the dear customers regarding the provision of the required equipment. Among the activities of this department, we can provide advice to information technology managers of organizations and companies regarding the selection of the best systems and equipment, as well as their implementation according to their organizational characteristics.

The online sales support department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with the technical team, provides services to dear customers who intend to buy from the Digital Shop online store. This section provides support and advice on purchasing prodaucts as well as answering potential customer questions.