Elecomp 2024 Opening: Showcasing Innovation and Strengthening Business Connections

Elecomp 2024 Opening: Showcasing Innovation and Strengthening Business Connections

Today, the Elecomp 2024 International Exhibition, featuring prominent domestic and international companies and startups in e-commerce, computers, and electronics, opened in Tehran. With a history dating back to 1990, Elecomp continues to be the largest ICT exhibition in Iran, playing a significant role in strengthening the country’s information and communications technology industry.



A Brief History of Elecomp

Initially known as the “International Exhibition of Computers, Electricity, Electronics, and Communications” and held in an inflatable tent, Elecomp evolved into its current form focusing on computers and e-commerce after the electrical and telecommunications sectors branched off into independent exhibitions. Since 2000, Elecomp has been organized with private sector participation, and in the past four years, the Iran Computer Trade Organization has been responsible for its organization.


Highlights of Elecomp 2024

During a pre-opening press conference, Reza Heydari, the secretary of Elecomp 2024, introduced the various sections of this year’s exhibition. He highlighted the addition of two new segments, “Elecomp Commerce” and “Elecomp Insurance,” emphasizing the significant efforts to enhance the exhibition’s content. This year, around 500 private companies and startups from countries such as France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea are showcasing their products.


Special Sections of the Exhibition


Elecomp Stars: After a four-year hiatus, this section has returned to Elecomp with the participation of about 100 startup teams. Arash Barhamand, the director of Elecomp Stars, emphasized that this segment serves as an inspirational and educational event, helping new companies enter the market.


Elecomp Pitch: Mehdi Niazi, the director of this section, announced a focus on activities outside Tehran and a strong presence of women in the event. Around 70 startup teams will compete, and the best ideas will be awarded.


Tavantak: Ant Minasian, the CEO of Nikookari Raad Educational Complex, spoke about the importance of technology in improving the lives of disabled individuals and urged companies to adapt their services for better accessibility.


Teen Stars: Moshkat Asadi, the director of this section, announced the start of intensive mentoring for student teams. Teen Stars will also be held online this year to provide more opportunities for student participation.


Exhibition Atmosphere and Impact of Elections

Kaveh Servati, the executive director of Elecomp, explained that despite the country’s election atmosphere, the meticulous planning over the past year has ensured that Elecomp 2024 will be held in the best possible manner.


Scenes of Elcamp 2024

Ultimately, Elecomp 2024, with its innovative sections and focus on social responsibility, stands out as a significant event in Iran’s ICT industry. It provides an excellent platform for knowledge exchange, idea sharing, and strengthening commercial ties. The extensive participation of domestic and international companies and startups highlights the importance and special status of this exhibition on the international stage. Kian Tejarat Azhirak is considered one of the largest importers of monitors in Iran

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