Digital Warranty

Digital Warranty

The after-sales service center of Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company provides services to our dear compatriots under the title of “Digital Warranty”. With more than 2 years of expert and scientific experience, this center is one of the largest computer and mobile phone service centers in Iran.

Digital Warranty Service Center, with its experienced staff, has numerous agencies and extensive activities throughout Iran.

Now this service center is one of the largest centers which provides support for all kinds of main computer parts, including:

The digital warranty service unit consists of experienced and expert engineers who, using the most advanced hardware equipment, provide optimal after-sales service along with a variety of standards to our valued customers.

Gaining the satisfaction and trust of the community and customers is a very big mission and commitment in order to achieve success and progress. During the many years of activity of the after-sales service center of Kian Tejarat Azhirak Company, we have tried to move towards achieving these goals by providing decent and appropriate services to our dear customers.