Magnificent presence at the Elecomp International Exhibition

Magnificent presence at the Elecomp International Exhibition

Achieving top rank by the Supreme Informatics Council

The 26th ELECOMP Exhibition, which had been postponed several times due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country, is scheduled to be held in February 1400.

With the spread of the corona in the world, many exhibitions were postponed and some were canceled. The 26th Exhibition of Electronics, Computers and E-Commerce was also scheduled to take place last year, but was postponed several times due to Corona, and eventually Elkamstars (part of ELECOMP with startups) was held online. After that, ELECOMP 26 was scheduled to be held in July, but it was canceled again due to the coronary situation.

In this regard, Mohammad Tharouti – Executive Secretary of ELECOMP – today at the press conference of ELECOMP, announced the holding of the 26th International Exhibition of ELECOMP in February and said: This exhibition will be held in a useful space of 15,000 square meters from 27th to 30th of February this year. The time of holding the ELECOMP in July of this year was postponed due to the red condition of the corona, and now, with the decrease in the prevalence of the corona, we hope to be able to hold the ELECOMP at the Tehran International Exhibition by observing health protocols and social distance.

He added: “Corona affected the holding of the ELECOMP in July, and in addition to the costs incurred by the Computer Guild Organization due to the non-holding of this exhibition, the companies that had registered in this exhibition were also affected.” Therefore, we are planning to give good concessions in booth placement and other ancillary facilities to the companies that have already registered in this exhibition. The tariff for attending the ELECOMP exhibition for ICT applicants has not changed compared to the tariff previously announced for the July exhibition, and we invite companies to register and participate in this exhibition with the same previous tariffs.

ELECOMP Executive Secretary, stating that part of the ELECOMP exhibition will be held online this year, said: “In this exhibition, the e-government hall will be set up by the Ministry of Communications and this ministry will have new plans to present the national information network and other projects in this exhibition.” Arrangements are also underway for the presence of countries in the region as visitors to the ELECOMP exhibition, and a specialized delegation from Syria and Iraq will visit the ELECOMP exhibition. Every effort is made to enable the public and private sectors of the region to interact with Iranian ICT companies.

In response to a question comparing the two IT exhibitions of ELECOMP and Gitex, Thorati emphasized: We are not looking for competition. We are an important player in the region in the field of ICT and we seek to maintain our share of the information technology market in the region. This will not be possible unless we have a long-term plan for an event like ELECOMP. The difference between ELECOMP and GITEX is that they know the time of the exhibition from last year, even in the next year, but in our country, the date of the exhibition and the organizer are not clear until three months before the exhibition.

In response to the question whether the inquiry of the vaccination card will be from the conditions of attending the ELECOMP in February or not, he said: in this regard, we should wait for the macro policies of the country and the Ministry of Health will be inquired in this regard. But the fairs that are being held these days are just hygienic protocols and there is no vaccination requirement.


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